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Solar Powered Gate Controller Kits

Solar Powered Low Voltage Gate Control Systems
All gate control kits from SolarTronics contain two remote control transmitters which allows easy operation of gate from your vehicle.

Gate openers can come as solar powered gates or 240 volt powered.

Both kits have 2 batteries that will open a single gate 350-400 times on a fully charged set of batteries with no solar or 240 volt activity.

Solar Powered Gate Kits 
With a manual control switch that is able to leave the gate open, the automatic solar gate controller is a perfect addition to your farm.

  • Gate automation has a heavy duty locking mechanism
  • 10 watt solar panels and mounting bracket for the solar gate openers
  • Obstacle safety detection system
  • Automatic gate close adjustable up to approx 120 secs
  • Receivers, control board, regulator and batteries are housed in a single weatherproof and insect proof enclosure
  • Double gate kits include an additional drive unit and control cable
  • These fence gates use solar power equipment and gate hardware to protect your property from unauthorised entry

Gate controller kits can be installed yourself with SolarTronics' installation manual and phone support.

Otherwise, SolarTronics can install your gate controller, dependant upon your location.

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