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Solar-Powered Farm Gate Openers from Solartronics

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Solartronics  supply convenient Solar-Powered Gate Openers that enable users to remotely open gates in the rain or at night, without getting out of their vehicle.

After driving through the gate, the Solar-Powered Gate Opener automatically closes and locks the gate with a positive locking system, using a locking shaft and a locking bracket that cannot be pushed open. The Solar-Powered Gate Opener has a fast gate opening/closing time – typically 12 to 13 seconds.

Solar-Powered Gate Openers are supplied with two batteries for additional opening/closing power to cover extended periods of little or no sunshine. For a standard farm gate, the power in two batteries provides in excess of 400 openings/closings without charging.

Solar-Powered Gate Openers are available as Solar Powered that requires no electrical power at the gate, or 240volt which does require power to be cabled to the gate. Both Gate Openers include battery backup for when there is no sunlight (for solar) or loss of electrical power such as a blackout (for 240volt).

Visitor buttons can be added to Solar-Powered Gate Openers, allowing visitors that do not have a remote control transmitter entry. Visitor buttons can be hardwired back to the control box, or wireless pushbuttons, which do not require cabling (no trenches to be dug). For security, a wireless keypad can be installed which requires a PIN number to gain entry.

Additional options include photo electric sensors to stop the gate closing on slower vehicles such as large trucks or farm machinery, in ground vehicle loops to open the gate when a vehicle drives over the loop, and a remote-controlled gate lock so that all visitor entry buttons can be disabled when required.

Optional remote controls can control Solar-Powered Gate Openers from up to 3km away, and optional alarms can warn that the gate is opening up to 2km away.

Solar-Powered Gate Openers are supplied as easy-to-install, DIY kits.

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