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Aquapack and Sunpack solar energy systems from Solco

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Solco  offers a comprehensive range of Sun Mill solar energy products. These solar energy products include Aquapack, Sunpack and other solar energy products. The Aquapack series of solar energy products from Solco is ideal for low volume requirements including homes and hobby farms. This solar energy system functions with the help of small panels and submersible pumps. Aquapack solar energy systems are available at cost effective rates.

The Sunpack solar energy system from Solco comprises of a large solar panel accompanied by a pump. The pump delivers a high quantity of water. These solar energy systems have been specifically designed for small volume requirements. Sun Mill solar energy systems from Solco include field maintainable systems. These customisable systems operate in power conditions ranging from 125 watts to 700 watts.

The TSP1000 series of solar energy systems from Solco consist of electronic controllers coupled with a DC brushless electric submersible motor. This electric submersible motor provides efficient operations. TSP 1000 solar energy systems from Solco function by drawing maximum power from the solar panels. This solar energy system has been specifically designed to handle about 1000 watts of connected solar panels.

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