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Sota Tractors specialises in agricultural equipment for small-acreage farms and blocks. We have carefully selected our range of tractors, attachments and implements, with you in mind.


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03/12/09 - Apollo Tractors, stocked by Sota Tractors, are manufactured by the multinational Changfa Corporation, one of the biggest diesel engine manufacturers in the world, producing over one million machines p
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02/12/09 - The Yanmar EG907 tractor is Sota Tractor's most powerful Yanmar tractor, and with a 90HP 4WD diesel engine it is ideal for 100 acre or more areas from large niche farms to dairy and beef farms.
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01/12/09 - The Yanmar EF453 tractor, available from Sota Tractors, is a robust yet compact, 45HP 4WD diesel tractor that focuses on driver comfort.
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30/11/09 - The Yanmar EF352 tractor, available from Sota Tractors, is a strong, comfortable and fast workhorse that is easy to operate, making it an ideal choice among 33 HP 4WD diesel tractors.
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