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Apollo Tractors, stocked by Sota Tractors , are manufactured by the multinational Changfa Corporation, one of the biggest diesel engine manufacturers in the world, producing over one million machines per year.

The Changfa Corporation employs over 9000 people in their some 40,000 square meter Apollo Tractor plant, including 1500 specialised technicians and more than 200 senior engineers.

The Changfa Corporation is a household name in Asia, exporting worldwide to more than 100 countries, and held up as an example to other Chinese companies by the Chinese Government after receiving several Government Awards of Excellence.

Apollo Tractors are made using state of the art manufacturing and testing procedures, and therefore boast high quality and performance at a competitive price.

Apollo Tractors are known for their reliability and power. These machines have optimal manoeuvrability, provision for standard three point linkage implement attachment and a solid cast-iron chassis delivering superior power to the ground.

Further to this, Australian customers can be confident in their purchase of an Apollo Tractor from Sota Tractors as each tractor is dynamometer tested before shipment to Australia to ensure the driveline is operating perfectly.
The Apollo Series 5 represents a range of new, fifth generation tractors from the Changfa Corporation that has been developed for the international market in collaboration with American Engineers.

Apollo Tractors been well received in Australia since their release, and an Apollo Tractor package from Sota Tractors offers the opportunity to become one of these satisfied customers while receiving value for money and peace of mind.

Sota Tractors are dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their Apollo Tractors package with the following:

  • honest pre-purchase advice
  • delivery to the farm or nearest depot
  • quality customer service
  • friendly, useful after-sales tractor advice
  • expert agricultural advice
  • maintenance information and guidance
  • genuine written warranty
  • operators manual
  • safety manual
  • spare parts guarantee
  • huge range of implements in stock
  • instruction in using the Apollo Tractor, for those new to farming.

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