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The Yanmar EF453 45HP 4WD diesel tractor now available from Sota Tractors

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The Yanmar EF453 tractor, available from Sota Tractors , is a robust yet compact, 45HP 4WD diesel tractor that focuses on driver comfort.

The Yanmar EF453 tractor's ergonomic design assists driver comfort. The cab features a flat, step through operator platform free from shifting levers, a quality suspension seat that is high-backed, and a large, deluxe instrument panel. Hydrostatic power steering also makes operation of the Yanmar EF453 tractors effortless.

The Yanmar EF453 45 HP 4WD diesel tractor is equipped with an AL47 Quick Release Loader, which is detached from the tractor by simply pulling the pins and plugs. It also has a Quick Release Bucket which detaches equally as easily by pulling a lever. The maximum lift for the AL47 front end loader is 588kg and the safe working load is 295kg. A choice of a standard or 4-in-1 bucket is available.

The Yanmar EF453 tractor is an ideal utility tractor for a broad range of applications around the farm.

With twin remotes for spraying and adjustable rear wheel settings, the Yanmar EF453 tractor's wheels can be narrowed for horticultural applications.

The rear wheels may also be set wide, which, combined with the Yanmar EF453 tractor's engineered front and rear weight distribution, make the machine highly stable on slopes, even with implements attached.

The Yanmar EF453 has standard agricultural tyres attached, however, where a gentle footprint is required, optional Turf Tyres are also available.

When fitted with an FEL and bale forks, the Yanmar EF453 tractor is suitable for lifting round bales, a frequent requirement on both smaller and larger farms.

In addition to these comfort and versatility features, the Japanese built new TNV direct-injection diesel engine in the Yanmar EF453 45 HP 4WD diesel tractor offers greater power and excellent combustion efficiency. Operators benefit from excellent tractor performance, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

The transmission also has more forward and reverse speeds (9F, 9R) than lower horsepower models.

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