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The Yanmar EF685 68 HP 4WD diesel tractor now available from Sota Tractors

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If a bigger workhorse with more gears and faster travelling speed is required, then a Yanmar EF685 68 HP 4WD diesel tractor available from Sota Tractors is an ideal choice.

The Yanmar EF685 tractor as a range of design and mechanical features which make it an ideal choice among 68 HP 4WD diesel tractors.

The Yanmar EF685 68 HP 4WD diesel tractor reaches speeds of up to 29.5kph and operators can choose the right speed from a large gear range (20 in both forward and reverse) for any type of work, on dry and wet fields or stock farms. In addition, a creep velocity is added as a standard gear for deep tilling by trencher among other operations.

Moving between forward and reverse gears is easy with the Yanmar EF685 68 HP 4WD diesel tractor's clutchless shifting, the operator simply needs to move the power reverser lever to the left of the steering wheel to select their direction.

An in-built Headland Control (HC) function automatically decelerates the Yanmar EF685 tractor when turning and reversing, even during high speed applications.
The Yanmar EF685 tractor also has an electronically controlled TNV engine, which can maintain its rpms, even with a sudden load increase, to keep the power stable.

Further to this, the Yanmar EF685 tractor also has a high-speed mode for use in high rpm jobs such as rotary tiller work, and a low-speed mode for lower rpm jobs such as trencher and sprayer operations.
The Yanmar EF685 68 HP 4WD diesel tractor uses the AL77 Quick Release Loader, which is easily detached from the tractor by simply pulling the pins and plugs. The maximum lift for the AL77 is 860kg and the safe working load is 430kg.

The Yanmar EF685 tractor also has a Quick Release Bucket which detaches easily by pulling a lever. A choice of a standard bucket or 4-in-1 bucket is available.

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