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The powerful Yanmar EG907 90HP 4WD diesel tractor is now available from Sota Tractors

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The Yanmar EG907 tractor is Sota Tractors ' most powerful Yanmar tractor, and with a 90HP 4WD diesel engine it is ideal for 100 acre or more areas from large niche farms to dairy and beef farms.

The EG907 is the next step up in power and size from the Yanmar EF685 tractor, offering the ability to fine-tune the machine for specific tasks around the farm:

  • use different preset speeds for turning, reverse, and forward with implements
  • automatically have the implement adjusted for ground irregularities by the tilt-speed sensor
  • choose from 40 speeds to match a wide range of jobs (F40, R40)
  • use the creep velocity function to do ultra low-speed tasks such as deep tilling with a trencher
  • choose a standard PTO speed or use economy mode for certain tasks, to save fuel
  • clutchless operation allows for control of both the engine rpms and the tractor speed with the accelerator pedal alone
The Yanmar EG907 90HP 4WD diesel tractor is powered by a sophisticated, electronically controlled TNV engine, so even with a sudden load increase during work, the TNV engine can maintain its rpm, to keep the power stable. Operators can select either "high speed" mode for high rpm jobs such as rotary tiller work, or the "low speed" mode for trencher and sprayer operation.

The AL87 Quick Release Loader is standard with the Yanmar EG907 90HP 4WD diesel tractor. With a simply pull of the pins and plugs, the front end loader is easily detached from the tractor. The machine also has a Quick Release Bucket which detaches easily by pulling a lever. The maximum lift for the AL87 is 1190kg and a choice of a standard bucket or 4-in-1 bucket is available.

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