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Yanmar EA2400 HST 24HP 4WD diesel tractor

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Designed for domestic or commercial garden maintenance and ideal for small spaces, the Yanmar EA2400 Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) 24HP 4WD diesel tractor, available from Sota Tractors , is a sturdy and reliable machine for small acreage.

Diesel Engine
The engine in the Yanmar EA2400 24HP 4WD diesel tractor reflects the some 80 years experience Yanmar Tractors have in developing and manufacturing reliable diesel engines. The Yanmar EA2400 24HP 4WD diesel tractor engine has been engineered to provide excellent combustion efficiency, low fuel consumption, silent operation and low vibration.

Hydrostatic Transmission
With a Shift-On-The-Go, 2-Speed hydrostatic transmission, the Yanmar EA2400 24HP 4WD diesel tractor can change ranges without stopping; a feature exclusive to this model.

A Genuine Tractor
Despite it's size, the Yanmar EA2400 24HP 4WD diesel tractor is a real tractor and not just a ride-on lawn mower. This compact and versatile workhorse accepts a wide range of implements and will accept hydraulic attachments such as a Front-End Loader or a Mid-Mount Mower Deck.
Operator Friendly
The easy-to-engage electric PTO switch in the Yanmar EA 2400 tractor allows hydraulic fluid to enter the PTO clutches slowly, resulting in smoother engagement of the implement and an extended system life. This is ideal for people making the transition from a lawn or garden tractor and helps them become comfortable with the operation of a PTO.
Advanced Hydraulic System
With dual hydraulic pumps, the Yanmar EA2400 24 HP 4WD diesel tractor handles attachments with less loss of power because the drive system and implements are powered separately. The hydraulics respond more smoothly, at low or high-speeds.

Flexible Footprint
The wheel-kit provides extra flexibility and may be setup with a narrow footprint to facilitate manoeuvering in tight corners or may be set wide to provide increased stability on uneven terrain. The standard Yanmar EA2400 tractor kit comes with non-aggressive industrial tyres, or it may be ordered with optional turf tyres for an even gentler footprint. The front axle is tough, with power steering actuated by twin hydrostatic rams, which means a tighter turning circle and a tractor robust enough to handle the demands of a front end loader.

Safety Features & Comfort
The Yanmar EA2400 tractor comes standard with a Rollover Protection System (ROPS) and retractable seat belt. Exclusive to the Yanmar EA2400 tractor are three sturdy and logically-placed grab handles, which provide easier and safer entry and exit from the Yanmar EA2400 tractor's wide platform. Another safety innovation unique to this model is the provision of front-mounted work lights. These additional front lights provide brighter and safer operation of all front-mounted attachments, at any time of the day. Further to these features, with every Yanmar EA2400 that is supplied by Sota, their exclusive comprehensive 14-page safety manual is included. For operator comfort the Yanmar EA2400 has a wide and easily accessible platform, ergonomically designed controls, quality seating and large cup-holder.

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