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Breeders association promotes South Devon cattle

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The South Devon Cattle Society of Australia Inc is a breeders association that works to encourage the breeding of South Devon cattle and enhance their popularity in the process.

The breeders association also places a high importance on ensuring that breeders adopt methods than maintain the purity of the Devon cattle breed.

Regular member newsletters, genetic evaluations and ‘The South Devon Review’ are among the publications and resources produced and disseminated by the association for the benefit of its members and the general public.

The breeders association aims to ensure members are aware of changes within the industry, and as such distributes information accordingly.

A Herd Book of the Devon cattle breed is published by the breeders association at regular intervals.

The breeders association is responsible for all aspects of the Herd Book, from registering Devon cattle and compiling information through to publication of the book.  

The breeders association also determines whether an animal may be registered in the Stud Book.

In order to be registered, cattle must fulfil a set of criteria created by the breeders association that outlines the defining features of the Devon cattle breed. 

Animals that are accepted for registration by the breeders association must have a permanent ear tattoo or brand so they may be easily identified and to ensure the relationship between animal and association member is clear.  

The breeders association is comprised of a member elected Council that consists of individuals from each state branch.

The Council meets on a regular basis to discuss pressing issues and develop initiatives that are of benefit to the South Devon cattle breed.

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