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Post hole diggers and post pounders from Southern Cross Mowers

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Southern Cross Mowers  offers different types of fencing equipment. This equipment includes post hole diggers, post pounders and post pullers. Southern Cross Mowers provides 3 point post hole diggers. These post hole diggers have rugged and durable constructions. The boom of these post hole diggers has been manufactured from heavy tubular steel. Different features of these post hole diggers include gearbox control handles, oil filled gearboxes, augers and a drilling depth of about 40 inches. These diggers are suitable for three point hitch tractors. The oil filled gearbox consists of tapered bearings and the augers are available in different sizes including 6, 9 and 12 inches.

Post pounders, from Southern Cross Mowers, have been specifically designed for efficient driving of steel posts into the ground. Various features of these post pounders include tapered handles, heavy duty steel construction, easy to grip handles, welded solid steel head and total length averaging to about 610 millimetres.

Southern Cross Mowers also provides T-post pullers. These post pullers can be used for the removal of studded T-posts. T-post pullers, from Southern Cross Mowers, function by pulling the post directly from the ground without bending and twisting. The steel puller of this post puller has a total height of 950 millimetres.

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