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Dumpers and pallet forks from Alljap Machinery

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Alljap Machinery  offer different types of dumpers and dozers. The Komatsu CD60R series of dumpers comprise of features such as factory air conditioned cabins and rubber tracks at cost-effective rates. Isuzu FSR 550 series of dumpers from Alljap Machinery possess payload capacity averaging to 5300 kilograms, engine capacity of 30 horsepower, four in one bucket and total operating time of 1200 hours. Komatsu D20P series of dumpers incorporate features including canopy and swamp tracks.

Pallet forks from Alljap Machinery consist of tele-fork attachments to suit different models of loaders with total lift capacity of 2.2 ton. Alljap Machinery supplies a comprehensive range of buckets and hitches. Grapple buckets are available in varying widths of 1600 millimetres and 2100 millimetres. These buckets comprise of two independent clams for storing materials such as steel, concrete and rock. Hydraulic quick hitches from Alljap Machinery possess length, breadth and height of 925 millimetres, 498 millimetres and 414 millimetres. These hitches are suitable for excavators with capacity ranging from 18 ton to 26 ton. UQC30 series of hydraulic hitches from Alljap Machinery have been specifically developed for excavator with capacity ranging from three ton to five ton. These hydraulic quick hitches possess length, width and height of 543 millimetres, 306 millimetres and 225 millimetres.

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