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Fire-fighters in QLD under resourced, Victorian fire services set to endure budget cuts

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article image It is important that home and property owners are prepared for bushfires
As the nation’s bushfire season is fast approaching, the need for well-prepared, well-equipped fire fighters is of paramount importance.

Unfortunately, fire services in Queensland and Victoria are worried that a lack of resources, caused by budget cuts and low funding levels, will prevent them from protecting both homes and people from bushfires.

According to the Sun Herald, the Queensland fire service receives the lowest level of funding in Australia.

Over the last decade this lack of funding has seen the number of fire-fighters in the state plateau out at approximately 2,200, meanwhile the population has increased to 4.6 million during this time.

This means that in the event of a fire, there is no guarantee that fire-fighters will be able to reach every home or individual affected by fire.

In order to train more fire-fighters, and to attract people to the profession through incentives and pay increases, the Queensland fire service subsequently requires more funding.

Meanwhile, The Australian newspaper has reported that the Country Fire Authority and Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Victoria “could lose as much as $66 million as part of the states austerity measures.”

Amidst these budget cuts and low funding levels, the onus turns to the individual, as they must develop effective strategies in order to ensure their homes, properties and loved ones are protected in the event that a fire outbreaks. 

This can be achieved by:

  • Investing in portable fire pumps from companies such as PowerCare . These13HP fire pumps are designed to deliver 750 litres of water per minute, and they are equipped with a powerful Winsun diesel powered engine.
  • Storing large quantities of water near the home at all times. Global Roto-Moulding offer a large range of high quality, durable cartage tanks that can store up to 400 litres of water.
  • Ensuring each family member has a set of protective clothing that is easily accessible. BOC offers an extensive range of clothing, glasses, helmets, gloves and hard hats, among others that can minmise burns caused by fire.
  • If there is enough time, consider livestock and evacuate those that are particularly important to the property. Southwest Trailers offers a range of durable livestock trailers that can be custom made to suit individual requirements.

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