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Pumps and engines from Southwest Water Services

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Southwest Water Services  supplies a comprehensive range of pumps and engines. These pumps and engines are suitable for suited for rural, commercial and industrial applications. Various pumps and engines from Southwest Water Services include water pressure systems, diesel engines, irrigation pumps, sump pumps, windmills and tanks. Southwest Water Services also supplies inline vertical multi-stage pumps. Different applications of these pumps include turfs, aquaculture, fire services, sporting arenas, golf course and landscape applications. Southwest Water Services stocks a diverse range of pumps including centrifugal pumps, water harvesting pumps, fuel transfer pump units, submersible pumps, household pressure pumps and several others.

Southwest Water Services provides Davey and Grundfos series of pumps. Davey hot water circulators from Southwest Water Services can be used for circulation of hot or cold water in air conditioning and heating systems. These hot water circulators consist of features including wet rotor, rotor chamber, pump casing, three speed motor, manual selector switch, built in capacitor and threaded ports. The rotor chamber of this hot water circulator is protected by using sintered bronze filter.

Grundfos SuperVortex series of wastewater pumps from Southwest Water Services possess unique impeller design. These wastewater pumps ensure to provide high pumping efficiency in minimal time.

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