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SG Pruning Machine from Spanglo Engineering

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Spagnolo Engineering  offer high quality, Australian made agricultural equipment. Spagnolo Pruning machines are hard-wearing and suitable for pre-pruning, pruning and trimming of grape vines and orchards. 

The SG Spur Pruning machine with full electric over hydraulic controls, allows more responsive tilt, lift, side shift and top head cylinder operations. Operators can accurately set the pruning machine to cut precise spur lengths and the canopy can be opened up for spray/light penetration.

Speed is dependent on ground conditions and operator experience. The average ground speed of a SG pruning machine is between 1.8 and 3km per hour.

Patented poly discs allow for operation of the pruning machine around posts and vines. The cutter discs and poly discs of the SG pruning machine are easy to assemble and adjust. It can prune VSP, Scott Henry and Smart Dyson trellis systems. The SG whisker trimmer completes the ultimate clean up.

A range of pre- used pruning machinery is also available from Spagnolo Engineering.

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