Spanlift Buildings

Spanlift Buildings specialise in fabrication of quality steel buildings. A family business since 1975, Spanlift offers a unique construction method involving lifting the roof of a building that is pre-assembled on the ground.

Spanlift can meet a wide selection of building needs, creating structures including industrial and commercial buildings, distribution, storage and warehousing, aircraft hangers, produce storage and processing, ... + View more


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13/10/11 - Spanlift poultry sheds feature unique curved ceilings which provide excellent ventilation.
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15/08/11 - Spanlift Buildings offers storage sheds for potato storage. The company has spent a lot of time developing and researching bulk storage solutions for potatoes.
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23/06/11 - Those considering a feed lot cover to increase efficiency would do well to contact Spanlift.
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02/06/11 - Verandahs are a great way to not only provide weather protection for wet or hot days, but also highlight a building’s entrance.
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Spanlift Buildings (Head office) Update these details
12 Wireless Rd East
Mt Gambier
SA 5209
Tel: 08 8723 4321
Fax: 08 8723 2725

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