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Chainmesh glove range from Sperian

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Leader in personal protective equipment, Sperian , are continually carrying out research and development in their expert field, and are pleased to now introduce a range of Chainmesh gloves that combine strength, reliability, and safety to ensure increased comfort and protection.

Designed to provide workers with total protection in the most extreme working environments, Sperian Chainmesh gloves are lightweight, ergonomic, and made from the highest quality stainless steel to strict ISO 9002 safety standards.

Engineered from the highest quality mesh, each Sperian Chainmesh glove consists of approximately 10,000 individual mesh rings and 300 assembly rings, each individually welded.

Sperian's ChainExtra are reversible stainless steel or titanium mesh gloves that feature a detachable wrist strap for increased user comfort. With no lateral slit on the glove, the wearer is provided with total wrist protection against cuts and stabs, while the extra smooth plastic strap guarantees long wearing comfort. An anti-bacterial agent is also included in the plastic strap to avoid any contamination.

ChainExpert stainless steel or titanium mesh gloves are the latest hi-tech development from Sperian. ChainExpert mesh gloves feature an automatically adjustable steel wrist strap with natural elasticity, which adapts itself to any wrist shape. ChainExpert mesh glovesare also available in an ultra-detectable mesh.

ChainEx 2000
These mesh gloves are ideal for use in the textile and glass industry. They are reversible steel-mesh gloves taht feature an extra smooth textile strap, which can be adapted for all wrist profiles. The gloves also fasten using a press stud and an adjustable buckle.

To ensure optimum hand and wrist protection, all Sperian gloves should be kept in perfect condition for use. By following the following simple steps, wearers can be confident that they are getting the best protection from their mesh gloves every time:

  • Use the correct amount of cleaning product and disinfectants to ensure that the fabric and plastic straps do not deteriorate prematurely. To disinfect Chainmesh gloves, only use products approved by food safety authorities.
  • All Chainmesh gloves should be scrubbed vigorously in hot (50˚C) soapy water, or in a mixture of hot water and detergent. Chainmesh gloves can be machine washed, however after washing, gloves should be rinsed in water at a minimum temperature of 82˚C.
  • After cleaning, store gloves in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.
  • Any gloves showing signs of abnormal wear or missing chainmail must be replaced immediately or removed from service. Only Sperian Protection authorised repair agents are approved to repair Sperian metal-mesh gloves.
Available in a range of cuff lengths, as well as long armguard or hand to shoulder, Sperian Chainmesh gloves come in seven sizes, from XXS to XXL.

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