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Laser-Gard Range of Safety Eyewear from Sperian

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Sperian  offers a range of safety eyewear designed to protect pilots and law enforcement personnel from injuries caused by lasers and laser pointers.  

Sperian Protection is the worldwide leader in personal protective equipment (PPE) and is launching the new Sperian Laser-Gard range of safety eyewear.  

Specifically designed to reduce the threat posed to eyesight by powerful green and red lasers, the Sperian Laser-Gard range of safety eyewear is also effective against temporary flash blindness and potentially life-threatening distractions caused by laser pointers.  

The safety eyewear comes in a choice of sport-inspired frame styles featuring multiple adjustments and form fitting features.  

Sperian Laser-Gard safety eyewear is available in two patented lens tints to ensure 24/7 protection.  

The salmon shade lens offers excellent visual protection against green lasers and is ideal for use at night.  

The bronze shade lens is designed for daytime use and protects against red and green lasers.  

Both lens options also additionally provide superior UV and glare protection offered by high quality sunglasses, making them suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications.  

Sperian Laser-Gard safety eyewear range is manufactured to the highest ANSI standards in an ISO-certified facility and is certified to ANSI Z 87.1 & Z 136.1.

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