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Miller Miners Harness from Sperian

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Miller by Sperian , a specialist line of personal protective equipment (PPE) adds a new safety harness to its fall protection range.  

The Miller Miners harness is a full body harness available in underground as well as surface models and is manufactured from heavy duty but lightweight 43mm Duraclean webbing.  

The Duraclean webbing in the Miller Miners harness comes with a coating that forms an invisible barrier to prevent water, oil and dirt from being absorbed into the webbing. Apart from ease of cleaning, the coating also helps to prolong the life of the harness.  

In addition to the underground harnesses and surface harnesses, the Miller Miners harness range also includes a flame-resistant KMAX.4 vest style harness designed for above ground welding applications.  

A prospector miner’s belt is a key feature of the underground Miller Miners harness, designed specifically to carry emergency breathing apparatus and other tools. Incorporating a battery and self-rescuer strap, the belt allows users to wear their self-rescue units on the side instead of the back, eliminating discomfort when sitting down while ensuring worker safety compliance.  

Key features of underground and surface Miller Miners harness: 

  • Floating frontal D-ring as well as rear dorsal fall arrest and extension D-rings, confined space loops and full stainless steel components
  • Fully adjustable leg straps with quick connect buckles as well as quick connect buckles on the waist to don or remove easily
  • Increased safety and comfort from a wider back pad, which offers greater lumbar support and stability
  • Label pack houses all relevant harness information
  • Large-sized pull-free lanyard ring to temporarily park a lanyard
  • Certified to AS/NSZ 1891.1 2007 standards

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