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Stanley by Sperian offers Personal Protective Equipment for DIY’ers

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Designed for the professional and DIY handyman, Stanley by Sperian offers a range of personal protective equipment for industrial-style protection in various home renovation jobs.  

The increasing popularity of home renovation-based television shows has resulted in a corresponding increase in the number of Australians taking up DIY renovations in their own homes.  

This has also resulted in a rising number of people ending up in hospital emergency rooms with injuries sustained during a home renovation or repair project.  

With an estimated 75% of emergency room visits caused by DIY projects, a 2005 University of West Australia report has concluded that DIY injuries are on the rise as DIY’ers are ‘typically unlikely to wear protective gear’.  

Stanley’s DIY Guide to Safety is designed for experienced or novice DIY’ers to stay safe while undertaking home remodelling or repair work including demolishing, building or painting jobs.  

The Stanley range of personal protective equipment offers industrial style protection to suit every job, with equipment that meets the most rigorous Australian industry safety standards.  

Knocking down walls:  

Stanley recommends proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as respirators, hearing protection and appropriate safety eyewear for protection against dust, flying particles or objects and loud noise.  

Stanley disposable respirators prevent the inhalation of harmful contaminants including dust, mist and fumes, which can not only seriously damage the lungs, but also cause long term health problems. Ideal for use at home, the Stanley disposable respirators are rated to P2 under Australian standards and available with or without a valve for increased comfort in humid work environments.  

Building a deck:  

Stanley recommends the AM/FM earmuffs to prevent exposure to loud noise from a saw, angle grinder or nail gun. OH&S Noise Regulations in Victoria set exposure standards as 85 dB averaged over an eight-hour period to a maximum noise level of 140 dB(C).  

Noise control may not always be practical, hence it is important to use adequate hearing protection such as earmuffs or earplugs when working in noisy areas.  

The Stanley AM/FM earmuff features a lightweight design and a unique headband for all-day comfort, also allowing users to listen to their favourite radio stations while protecting their hearing.  

Installing a bathroom:  

Building a new bathroom or extending an existing one will involve plenty of demolition, tiling, cutting and plumbing.  

Stanley offers a range of safety equipment to protect against dust, the smell of glues, sealants and grouting, as well as loud noise in addition to industrial gloves to avoid injuries from sharp edged tiles.  

The Stanley WorkEasy industrial glove offers superior gripping ability and resistance to minor nicks and cuts, while the nitrile palm coating provides enhanced dexterity. The black liner on the gloves minimises visible marks such as dirt and staining.  


Spray-painting or roller brush painting exposes the DIY’er to potentially toxic vapours and paint smells. Sperian recommends using the Sperian Half Mask Spray Painters Kit as well as protective goggles such as the MaxxPro Goggle for protection.  

The Stanley Spray Painters Kit includes a half mask respirator with A2 organic vapour filters and P2 rated pre filters making it perfect for acrylic paints and non 2 pac paint applications.  

The MaxxPro Goggle is designed to provide premium comfort and maximum protection. Designed to fit over most prescription glasses, the tough goggles are also suitable for sanding and woodworking.


Hand and eye injuries account for over 50% of all injuries caused by DIY activities. Eye injuries during sanding can be easily prevented by wearing appropriate eyewear, which is both lightweight and offers superior impact resistance such as the Stanley Strategy Goggle.

Designed to be worn in indoor or outdoor workspaces, the Strategy Goggle creates a seal around the eyes preventing dust from getting in.  


Gardening is a major cause of DIY injuries, with lawn mowing one of the top ten causes of hospital admissions. Hearing loss as well as cuts and abrasions from flying debris and stones are all easily preventable if correct safety equipment is used.  

The Stanley by Sperian range of safety eyewear, hearing protection and gloves is recommended for DIY’ers involved in gardening work.

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