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Round and flat air nozzles from Spray Nozzle Engineering

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Spray Nozzle Engineering  supplies an extensive range of air knives and safety air nozzles which includes air curtains, round nozzles, miscellaneous nozzles, flat nozzles and multi nozzles.

Air knives and air curtains from Spray Nozzle Engineering are used in those applications which involve blowing across a wide area. Air knives and air curtains are available in various sizes and lengths, and a number of safety air nozzles can be used to suit specific applications. Spray Nozzle Engineering offers round nozzles which are made of zinc, aluminium and stainless steel materials. Round nozzles have blowing forces which range from 0.9 N to 98 N and produce a conical spread pattern.

Spray Nozzle Engineering offers flat nozzles which are made of zinc and stainless steel materials. Flat nozzles are also available with flow regulation and produce a broad and flat air stream. Different number of multi-nozzle assemblies is available depending on the blowing force requirements.

Spray Nozzle Engineering offers bendable flexblow hoses and adjustable flexarm stands for those applications where position and blowing angle are required to be changed constantly. Spray Nozzle Engineering also offers spray washing cleaners, mist eliminators, spray guns and related products.

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