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Sprayphos 400 is a non-toxic fungicide from SprayGro which is systematically absorbed by the plant and activates the plant's immune system. The fungicide is highly selective against pathogens, cost effective and long-lasting and does not leave any residue.

Sprayphos 400 is yet another systematic fungicide from SprayGro which is a clear liquid fertiliser and contains increased amounts of mono and di-potassium phosphonates. The fungicide helps in preventing and controlling Downy Mildew and Phytophthora diseases in plants.

Bull Kelp Plus++ is a biostimulant and soil conditioner from SprayGro which stimulates roots and promotes natural growth in plants. The biostimulant and soil conditioner increases leaf adheration and uptake and decreases leaching from the soil. Bull Kelp Plus++ can be used on turf, most fruit crops and fruit bearing vegetables.

SprayGro offers a multi-liquid trace element fertiliser called Canola Booster. The fertiliser was manufactured to increase the yield of canola crops by providing balanced trace element nutrition. Canola Booster is a chelated blend and provides controlled uptake of all elements to promote greener leaves, even flowering, larger pods and improved oil content. Canola Booster can be applied through aerial, boomspray and permanent spray lines.

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