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Liquid fertilisers from SprayGro

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SprayGro  manufactures a wide range of NPK liquid fertilisers which contains trace elements to rectify and maximise plant growth. SprayGro was established in 1980s when the importance of using trace elements for optimum plant growth was discovered. Crops lacking certain elements could be instantly corrected in the same growing season by applying Spraygro’s trace elements.

Liquid fertilisers from SprayGro offer long time benefits to the farmers by providing precise and accurate nutrient placement. Liquid fertilisers have correct prescription formulation, increased nutrient availability and are safe and easy to handle.

SprayGro offers precise starter NPK liquid fertilisers which provide increased nutrient availability to young plants to promote effective early growth. SprayGro offers liquid fertilises which are used for broadcare, horticulture, turf, seed dressings and ornamental purposes.

Spraygro offers liquid fertilisers which provide essential plant nutrition to maximise crop growth and potential. The NPK liquid fertilisers are clear liquid solutions which are safe and easy to handle. Liquid fertilisers are shipped in 20, 200 and litres drums.

K Blast 36 is a low salt index solution from Spraygro which contains potassium thiosulfate, citrate and carbonate. The solution can be used to improve a wide range of crop and soil conditions.

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