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SprayGro offers chelated trace elements for fruits and vegetable crops

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SprayGro  offers liquid fertilises which are used for broadcare, horticulture, turf, seed dressings and ornamental purposes. For broadcare applications, SprayGro offers a range of chelated liquid trace elements, gripper EDTA trace elements, blue stripe liquid trace elements, soluble trace elements, firmrite, slow release nitrogen and NPK blends, high nitrogen and NPK blends, bio stimulants and soil conditioners, systemic fungicide and soil and wetter pH adjuster fertilisers.

Smartrace chelated elements are trace element complexes from SprayGro. The trace element complexes contain ammonium lignosulfonates which are natural by-products of the wood and paper industry and include modified lignin molecules. The lignin molecules contain various binding sites for metallic micronutrients. The trace element complexes are efficient as foliar sprays.

SprayGro offers a range of fully chelated elements. Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid liquid micronutrient helps in maintaining soil pH, chemical, fixation and attachment, and provides increased stability and solubility. Gripper micronutrients penetrate easily into the leaf cuticle and plasma membrane.

Horti Mix is a soluble manganese and zinc blend from SprayGro. Since, manganese and zinc deficiencies normally occur in citrus, vines and horticulture plants, Horti Mix helps in curbing this problem.

Balance -15 is a chelated trace element from SprayGro which contains50 percent of slow release nitrogen. The chelated trace element is a general purpose and balanced blend and is suitable for all fruit crops, vegetable crops, vines, berries, nursery and ornamental plants.

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