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Sprayer Technics  liquid systems are specially designed for benefit of banding liquids at sowing and reap the rewards before and after the harvest. Liquids are rapidly gaining acceptance in Australia as he can offer many savings such as less passes, where fuel labor and tractor hours are reduced and also less time handling granular fertilizers.

Emerging plants get fast, healthy growth at an early stage, giving them the advantage of increased resistance to weeds, pests and disease. The liquid system can also inject trace elements and other liquid (such as fungicides) in the one line if compatible.  

Fertilizers are extremely harsh on materials and Sprayer Technics have sourced the best materials available to the industry for a long lasting relationship between liquids and components.  

Among the Liquid systemsfrom Sprayer Technics are:  

The Maxamerge line distributors:    

  • Excellent chemical resistance properties of polypropylene.
  • Available in various size orifices.
  • Combines with standerd Teejet cap for easy cleaning.
  • 2 PSI check valves  
Disribution Maxamerge:
  • Delivers product evenly across bar or drill.
  • Features numberd blockage indicator per separate furrow.
  • Ensures every separate furrow is receiving right application.  
Optional Injection Systems:    
  • Other liquids can be injected into the system at the metered rate.
  • Consult your agronomist or chemical supplier for liquid compatibility.
The Maxamerge Liquid System:    
  • All in one pump and control system.
  • Sturdy poly housing protects components from elements.
  • Design allows for easy service ability and maintenance.
  • Bertolini 2136 poly pumps are the most sought after pumps in the chemical handling industries today.
  • The agitation system is standard on all Sprayer Technics systems.        

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