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Palgrove Zeba is the new crossbreeding sire from Spry's Shorthorns , that produces Shorthorn cross calves. The Shorthorn cross calves are thick, muscular and display quality carcase traits. Spry's Shorthorns also offers cows for sale.

Spry's Shorthorns purchased the Southcote Yale Y157 (P) (AI) bull in 2007. The bull was selected for its low birth weight, muscles, medium maturity pattern, high IMF and high rib and rump fat figures.

Spry's Shorthorns sold the Sprys Red Rocket B069 (P) (ET) (AI), a dark red bull with quality carcase attributes. Spry's Shorthorns also has other sires such as the JR Legend 78H (IMP USA) and Glenell IMF B90 (P) bulls.

Spry's Shorthorns purchased the Glenell IMF B90 (P) sire at the Glenell 2007 sale. The bull was selected based on its early maturity pattern, ability, structural soundness and muscle pattern. The bull is slick skinned and dark red in colour. The JR Legend 78H (IMP USA) is a highly predictable sire from Spry's Shorthorns. This sire has a great set of EBV's. Spry's Shorthorns also offers TLC stud females, embryos and semen for sale.

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