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Embryos and semen from Spry's Shorthorns

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Spry's Shorthorns  offers TLC stud females, embryos and semen for sale. Spry's Shorthorns is a beef cattle enterprise which is owned and operated by two generation family. Spry's Shorthorns was established in 1986 and after a successful period, purchased the Tamworth property in 2003. The Tamworth property can be easily accessed by buyers from the New England, Central New South Wales and Queensland districts. Both the operations provide varying climatic conditions to develop a larger genetic pool. This helps in meeting various needs of the clients.

Spry’s Shorthorns uses innovative research and technology to improve its herd stock and provides technical data to the clients to further improve their breeding programme. Spry's Shorthorns is going to conduct a ‘Better Beef’ bull sale on August 1st at Tamworth.

Spry’s Shorthorns offers Dunbeacon Wagman (P) semen. The bull is a roan coloured animal and was born in 2001. Eionmoor Port-O-Call 60H semen is available from Spry’s Shorthorns. This bull is a red coloured sire and was born in 1998. Spry’s Shorthorns offers the semen of GVR Enforcer 768 (P). This red bull was imported from USA and was born in 1997.

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