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Quality bulls from Spry's Shorthorns

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Spry's Shorthorns  offers the semen of the Sprys Bonecrusher B030 (P) (AI), which was placed in the top 10 per cent for 200 weight; top 20 per cent for gestation length and top 30 per cent for 400 and 600 weights. The bull had a birth weight of 37 kilograms and displays good eye appeal, carcase and structure. Spry’s Shorthorns offers quality bulls for commercial breeders.

Spry's Shorthorns offers the semen of Ronelle Park Wyatt Earp (P). The roan coloured bull was born in 2001. Springwood Station Chicago Hope (P) semen is available from Spry's Shorthorns. The roan coloured bull was born in 1999.

Spry's Shorthorns offers a variety of bulls for sale, and provides weight, performance, carcase data and group Breedplan figures on a supplementary sheet. Prospective buyers can register themselves before the commencement of sale. Spry's Shorthorns invites buyers to inspect the cattle prior to sale, and assists them in choosing the best genetics for specific requirements.

All cattle from Spry's Shorthorns have been vaccinated, drenched and are tested negative for bovine pestivirus. All bulls will be examined by veterinarians for breeding soundness before the sale and transportation of the bulls is provided by Spry's Shorthorns.

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