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New dimension in premium beef production

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Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd is a home grown success story which owes its origins to Australia’s first developed beef breed, and its future to the pursuit of new levels of efficiency in premium beef production. 

What are Square Meaters?
A mature, female Square Meater cattle has a calm nature, highly fertile and weighs approximately 450kgs and will grow to a height of 125cms.

This breed of cattle is Silver-Grey in colour and have a deep, well muscled body. A Square Meater female will give birth to its first calf at around 2 years of age, and will have a good udder and plentiful milk supply.

Mature bulls will weigh around 800kgs and stand at 130cm in height. These are usually characterised by its deep, long, thick and muscular body on relatively short legs. Interestingly enough, the bulls will genetically dehorn his calves and give them calmer natures which make them easier to handle.

The Square Meaters Cattle Association has a height restriction on the registering of bulls and females.

At 12 months of age, bulls cannot be less than 103cm and not more than 113 cm at the shoulder. Only females which measure between 100 and 110 cm at the shoulder can be registered as “A” grades.

This regulation is aimed at providing a safety net against animals becoming too small or regressing back to taller, slower maturing characteristics

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