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Rams and ewes from Stanbury Corriedales

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Stanbury Corriedales  specialises in breeding commercial livestock such as Corriedales rams and ewes. Stanbury Corriedales was founded solely on stud Merino and Lincoln sheep. The stud was established with the purchase of over 400 stud Lincoln ewes from Mt. Gambier S.A. The stud Lincoln ewes were mated with Merino rams, which were bought from J.L.Currie near Camperdown.

Later in 1884, Stanbury Corriedales added the Lincoln ewes which were purchased from T.F.Rutledge. These Lincoln ewes were joined with the Merino rams. Stanbury Corriedales retrained the best rams produced by the Lincoln ewes. At present, Stanbury offers a variety of rams and has categorised the rams as 1, 2 and 3.

The Ram I category from Stanbury Corriedales does not have any scurs and displays well covered poll, clean eyes and good channel wool cover. The wool is long stapled and features some colour. The wool is dry and has medium density with well marked character and good staple tip and diameter. The rams have well finished wool covering with a weight fleece of 13.5 kilograms. The rams have long legs and have a square stance. The rams are placid in temperament and have well structured body. The testicles are firm, even and covered with wool. The Ram 1 category was born in 2001 and weighs approximately 117.5 kilograms.

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