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Moisture meters and dehumidifiers from Steambrite Australia

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Steambrite Australia  offers restoration equipment such as moisture meters, floor extraction wands and dehumidifiers. The Aquant moisture meter from Steambrite Australia is a highly accurate and non invasive tool and can detect moisture under the floor covers. The moisture meter has an LCD and colour slider and weighs approximately 100 grams.

Steambrite Australia offers Phoenix 200 Max which is a dehumidifier and offers over 30 gallons of maximum output per day. The dehumidifier has a stainless steel construction, built in condenser pump and operates at 7.4 amperes. Multiple ducting options are available with the dehumidifier.

The Roller Vac flood pumping wand from Steambrite Australia removes water from the carpet and pad. The wand has 95 percent of water removal rate. The wand includes features like left and right adjustable hose hookup and handle and a transparent vacuum hose. Steambrite Australia also supplies a range of accessories such as hose, hose sets hose reels, injection sprayers and quick disconnects.

In addition to providing restoration equipment and supplies, Steambrite Australia also supplies starter trucckmounts, portable extractors and hard surface wands. Hard surface wands include Cobra hand tool, Mini Turbo and Turbo Hybrid wands. Steambrite Australia offers quality, reliable and durable products.

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