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Portable extractors and wands from Steambrite Australia

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Steambrite Australia  offers portable extractors which are available with wands and hose sets. The Prowler is a petrol powered 13 horsepower Honda portable truckmount, and features a a 2000 psi hypro pump, stainless steel heat exchanger, vac and solution hoses. The portable truckmount has a dual wand, requires minimum maintenance and is available in a powder coated finish.

SBM 500psi PSI is another portable truckmount from Steambrite Australia and is equipped with dual two stage vac motors, 7.5 metres vac and solution hoses. Other features include wand, recovery tanks and 41.6 litres solutions.

Steambrite Australia offers a range of hard surface wands which includes Cobra hand tool, Mini turbo and Turbo Hybrid wands. Cobra hand tool is an ultimate surface wand which can clean corners, edges and other tight spaces. The hand tool is easy to use and has an ergonomic design. Turbo Hybrid wand has a comfortable grip and provides easy access to inline filters. The wand has a 12 inch diameter head and a light stainless steel frame.

In addition to providing portable extractors and wands, Steambrite Australia also offers accessories such as hose, hose sets, hose reels, injection sprayers and quick disconnects.

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