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Domestic and industrial water storage tanks from Steel fab Water Solutions

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Steel fab Water Solutions  offers domestic, rural, commercial and industrial water storage tanks, waiter pumps and systems. Extensive range of water storage tanks is available which are cost effective and made of high quality materials. Tanks are available in the colorbond colours. Domestic water tanks are designed to relevant Australian Standards and are rated for storing drinking water. Fittings and accessories are provided with all water tanks.

Steel fab Water Solutions provides commercial and industrial water tanks which can be used for irrigation water storage tanks, trough supply water tanks, cattle trough systems etc.

Steel fab Water Solutions offers domestic and industrial waiter pumps and systems and is well equipped to carry out repair and testing of all types of pumps. A complete range of pumping systems are available including domestic pressure systems, farm delivery pumps, fire fighter systems, high volume systems and high pressure systems for mining and commercial applications. Steel fab Water Solutions is a sales and service agent for Davey Ebara Pumps.

Steel fab Water Solutions also supplies tanks and swimming pool liners. A wide range of alternative lining membranes are also available for storing potable water, waste water, liquids, acids and alkalis. Steel fab Water Solutions has over 30 years of experience in designing and constructing water storage tanks, swimming pools, pumps and liners.

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