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Home away from home - portable buildings explained by Steel Trendz

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Portable buildings from Steel Trendz Portable Buildings  are buildings designed and constructed to be relocated easily, making them especially suitable for remote areas.

Portable buildings are ideally used as relocatable office spaces, home away from home accommodation, harvest huts, and dongas. Portable buildings are also becoming more and more popular as a way to add storage space quickly and easily.

Manufactured in a factory and delivered to their intended location, portable buildings are a highly cost effective alternative to conventional constructions. With construction taking place in an enclosed facility, portable buildings are also made quickly as weather is not a factor in the construction time line. In fact, often these portable buildings can be delivered within a day.

Steel Trendz Portable Buildings are steel constructed, which are not only cheaper than regular brick and concrete constructions, they have the highest strength to weight ratio, are durable, water and fire resistant, termite proof and the environmentally friendly blanket insulation used meets the BCA guidelines for energy efficiency.

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