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Commercial sheds and shed components from Steelway Buildings

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Steelway Buildings  provide solutions to industrial and commercial sheds. Steelway Buildings have worked on a wide range of projects including gas, mining, factories and warehouses. Steelway Buildings supplies roller doors that are available in 5.1m x 5.1m height and length, fire escape personal access doors, mezzanine, vented ridge and Eltrak sliding metal clad doors.

Steelway Buildings offer shed components including cladding, tophats, C and Z section framing, personal access doors, insulation, roller doors and skylights for a wide range of applications. The cladding components include K-panel, monoclad and corrugated components. Monoclad is an attractive profile rib that is deep and comes with long spans and a high water carrying capacity. It is supplied with a 0.42 base metal thickness.

The C and Z section framing, offered by Steelway Buildings, is made of zinc coated steel that is ideal for ‘low and high strength’ weights. The C-section is applicable for rafters and columns. The Z-section framing is ideal for purlins. These section frames come in sizes ranging from 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 400mm. The personal access doors are available in full bond colours. Steelway Buildings provide split stable doors, disabled access and double doors also.

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