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Switching fans and edgers from Stocker-Crew

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Stocker-Crew  provide switching fan, edger and safety flail mowers. The switching fan kits manufactured by Cleanfix are supplied by Stocker-Crew. The Cleanfix decreases the angle of the blade and makes engine power the useable bar. The Cleanfix fan is ideal for cleaning dirty grill and radiators. The switching fan runs the blade on its individual axis. Due to this feature, the fan is fixed in correct position and it creates an optimal blowing and suction performance. The switching fan helps in minimising the cleaning time and protects the gearbox and motor from getting damaged by the process of over heating.

Stocker-Crew offer commercial path and kerb edger. The commercial edger is fast, flexible, simple and durable. The commercial edger comes with constructional features. The Ezi-edger manages both double edging pathways simultaneously. These assemblies can be removed and remounted when required. The double edging applications are carried out with help of fabricated tractor bracket. For single edger operation, beam and side mounted tractor bracket is used.

The hydraulic control unit for the edger assembly present enables the operator to work with flexibility for both single and double edging applications. The swivel arm present is greased with pivots and comes with hardened replaceable bushes.

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