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Clearstart, Micromix chelates from Stoller Australia

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Stoller Australia  provides broadacre products including Clearstart, Micromix, Foliar Plus and Cropping Zinc. Micromix from Stoller Australia is an organic phenolic acid chelate that is rich in nutrients. It is available in liquid form and it can be applied through drip or foliar methods. It is available in ready to use format and it is easy to apply with irrigations and cover sprays.

Clearstart from Stoller Australia is ideal for a wide range of soil applications. Clearstart is formulated with NPK liquid along with zinc and potassium. Clearstart can be applied to soil at planting stage at a rate of 10-15 litres per hectare. Clearstart comes with low pH liquid and it helps in building phosphorus levels in the soil. Clearstart is considered as a starter product for broadacre crop like cotton, wheat and summer crops. Clearstart is ideal for use with vines, trees, vegetables and a wide range of micro irrigation systems.

Cropping Zinc from Stoller Australia is used as seed, soil and foliar treatment. The absorption quality of the Cropping Zinc is enhanced with help of phenolic and formulated chelates. Cropping Zinc disperses easily in the water and it is ideal for use with other agricultural chemicals.

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