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Copper and iron chelates from Stoller Australia

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Stoller Australia  manufactures growth promotants and liquid nutrient products. Stoller Australia conducts programmes targeting agricultural crops and processes. The crop programmes include onion, melon, almond, lettuce, potato and frost recovery programme. The chelated products offered by Stoller Australia helps in protecting a wide range of nutrients for foliar and soil treatments.

The chelated products from Stoller Australia include copper, iron, manganese, micromix, magnesium and zinc: manganese, zinc and ZM squared. The copper is available in ready form. Copper chelating products from Stoller Australia limits the soil tie-up between the nutrients that are present in different conditions. The copper chelating products helps in identifying the deficiencies of the crop. This product can be applied through foliar spray method or it can be injected into the irrigation systems.

Chelated iron from Stoller Australia is applied as a foliar or it can be applied through fertigation process. The iron-chelating product is formulated for uptake via the woody tissues and the leaves. The efficiency of the iron is also enhanced with help of Foly-Zyme and Nutri pH low materials.

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