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Sugar movers, bud feeds from Stoller Australia

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Stoller Australia  offers growth promotants for the establishment of plant root and crop health. The crop health products from Stoller Australia include sugar movers, bud feeds, cropping zinc plus and root feeds. The sugar mover provided by Stoller Australia is a plant friendly nutrient product, it controls toppy growth and it helps in controlling the movement of sugar to the roots and fruits of the plant. Sugar mover enhances the fruit quality and the yield of the crop. Sugar mover is applied at intervals of 1.5 litres per hectare.

Bud feed from Stoller Australia is a woody tissue that is applied on to the trees and crops. The bud feed helps in promoting the evenness of bud burst and it is ideal for healthy spring growth on vines and trees. It is applied at 40-60 litres per hectare. Bud feed supplies amine nitrogen, magnesium, calcium to the woody tissue. It also activates the root system and it stimulates the level of cytokines. Bud feed helps in even development of fruit formation.

Stoller Australia offers foliar products including foliar plus, liquid boron, lime sulphur, harvest plus and SETT enhanced. The SETT enhanced is a calcium product with boron. It contains Stoller growth factor and helps in efficient function of the plant during extreme temperatures.

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