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Amine 300 and Accolade herbicides from Summit Agro Australia

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Summit Agro Australia specialises in offering farm chemical products. Summit Agro Australia is allied with Sipcam Australia and offers insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. The herbicides from Summit Agro Australia are available in various types. Some of them are Accolade WDG, Agroxone 750, Amine 300, Amizina 500 and Aspect.

The Amine 300 herbicide from Summit Agro Australia is ideal for commercial use and is used for controlling emerged broadleaf weeds prior to the establishment of the crop. The Amine 300 herbicide is made using phenoxyaliphatic compounds. The Amine 300 herbicide is a water-soluble liquid product and gets absorbed by plant foliage.

Accolade WDG is a selective herbicide, available from Summit Agro Australia. The Accolade WDG hebicide is suitable for killing weeds that occur in crops like wheat, oats, cereal rye and barley. The Accolade WDG herbicide is available in form of water dispersible granules and is absorbed by foliage and green stems. Later, it moves towards the root of the plant. The Accolade WDG selective herbicide is used in pre-sowing and post-sowing treatments for various crops. The Accolade WDG herbicide, from Summit Agro Australia, is compatible with different types of insecticides as well as with liquid fertilisers.

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