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NutraGold Sulphur Bentonite Fertilisers from Swancorp

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Swancorp  markets a diverse range of sulphur products to the agricultural, stock feed and mining industries in Australia.

Swancorp’s sulphur range is used in stock feeds and fertiliser applications. Additionally, their sulphur is also used in large volumes as a drossing agent in the mining sector.

Swancorp and their sulphur plant have committed substantial resources into the development of sulphur products for use as fertilisers for direct application and blending.

NutraGold sulphur fertilisers are a blend of 90% sulphur and 10% bentonite pastilled (split pea shape), and are currently distributed in large volumes for use as a direct application fertiliser or as an ingredient for fertiliser blenders.

NutraGold sulphur fertilisers (0-0-0-90) are specially formulated to quickly break down in moist soil, swell and release thousands of microscopic particles of elemental sulphur in a form that enables rapid absorption by plants.

Nutrasul Zn -18 is a 65% sulphur, 18% zinc and 12% bentonite pastilled product that is formulated in the same format as NutraGold but contains 18% zinc additionally to allow the Zn trace element and S element to be applied in one passing or in a compound pastille for blending.

Swancorp’s fertiliser sulphur range is safe for transportation and available in 25kg bags, 1.2T bulk bags as well as in bulk quantity.

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