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Boomerang MK 5 bale feeder from Swayn & McCabe

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Swayn & McCabe  provides Kuhn machinery, equipment and Boomerang MK 5 bale feeders. The Boomerang MK 5 bale feeder, supplied by Swayn & McCabe, is a self-loading machine that can carry hay or silage. With a two-bale capacity, the Boomerang MK 5 can carry round or big square bales. The floatation tyres come with three-tonne axles and hubs. The floor in the bale chamber prevents leaf loss when feeding is out. The feeding is carried out in two different ways. It comes with variable speed depending on the supply of oil.

The Boomerang MK 5 bale feeder comes with adjustable bale chamber, double chassis. The double chassis are 6 millimetres in size and add strength when feeding big range of heavy bales. The twine box is used to store old plastic and twines. The pivoting high tensile spikes are used for picking and spearing up bales. The mudguards are fitted to keep the bales clean. The turning parts present in the feeder are covered by anti wrap shields. Other features of the Boomerang MK 5 bale feeder include three-inch heavy-duty conveyor chain and high tensile drive shafts.

Swayn & McCabe offers the Keenan Klassik bale handler. This Keenan Klassik bale handler was developed to deliver rations for the cattle. The rations where mixed correctly and it helps in improving the rumen health and chewing cud.

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