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Swingwiper weed control system from Swingaway

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Swingaway  offers weed control products. An effective weed control product from Swingaway is known as the Swingwiper. Swingwiper, from Swingaway, is quick, economic and comes with fewer amounts of chemicals. The Swingwiper was created by Martin Hazenveld to keep his pastures free from weeds.

Swingwiper from Swingaway is innovative, fast, durable, eco-friendly and easy to use. Swingwiper is a rotary weed wiper and it is towed by a four-wheel bike, tractor or vehicle. The Swingwiper from Swingaway comes with a carpet that is covered with tube. The carpet covered tube swings away when it is encountered with obstacles. The nozzle attached ensures even application and comes with easy to operate controllers.

Swingaway has designed Swingwiper in an innovative manner and it enables the carpet roll to swing away or to roll over the obstacles. It works effectively with a speed of 14 kilometres per hour and it can be operated in all types of windy conditions. Swingwiper from Swingaway is made from high quality components such as stainless steel materials. The rotator in the carpet rolls helps in minimising the wear and damage to the carpet rolls.

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