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Stockfeed and livestock testing from Symbio Alliance

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Symbio Alliance  specialises in testing raw materials and monitoring feed quality systems for stockfeed and livestock. Customers must provide the raw material specifications for research and testing as this would improve the production system.

The different types of laboratory analysis available at Symbio Alliance includes chemical and nutritional value, microbiological analysis, pesticide residue and environmental contaminants assessments, analysing vitamin and mineral supplements, aflatoxins and other mycotoxins testings, ionophores, antibiotics and growth promotants examination, faecal NIR analysis and testing stock and irrigation water.

Symbio Alliance provides effective and reliable assistance with raw material specification, product development and research for several leading stockfeed and supplement suppliers across Australia. Today, many of Australia’s largest feedlots are sending their sample to Symbio Alliance for laboratory analysis and monitoring of feed quality systems.

The professional team employed at Symbio Alliance is skilled and experienced in the livestock, stockfeed and supplement industries. This helps customers in receiving accurate and timely results from their product testing. Symbio Alliance offers its valuable service to over 1000 customers throughout Australia. Customers are benefited with the integrated package of laboratory, consulting and training services given to agricultural and environmental companies including industry and government bodies.

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