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Heavy machinery lubricants from Synforce Lubricants

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Synforce Lubricants  provides heavy machinery lubricants suitable for tractors and cane harvesters. These lubricants are processed using high quality Virgin Paraffinic and Synthetic base oils that provide shear stable viscosity index. The process also involves application of advanced additives technology to hot blend components under agitation.

Apart from heavy machinery lubricants, Synforce Lubricants also provides an extensive range of products including premium petrol and diesel engine oils, grease, chain oils, transmission oils, marine and agricultural oils, two stroke engine oils, hydraulic oils, transmission and gear oils, brake fluid, penetrants, automotive lubricants and fluids and industrial chemicals. Synforce Lubricants focuses on delivering lubricants that can give high level of protection and improved performance.

The hot blending process is applied to ensure a better possible bonding of all component ingredients in the manufacturing process and the elimination of additives. The end result of each process gives better performance, effective lubricant for vehicle, machinery or equipment.

Synforce Lubricants applies real improvements in engine protection and performance task in processing its lubricants. This procedure is significant for end-users, as it gives a measurable improved engine performance that can assure engine protection. Lubricants supplied by Synforce Lubricants are cost effective.

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