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Hydraulic oil from Synforce Lubricants

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Synforce Lubricants  are a locally owned and operated manufacturer of premium grade petrol and diesel engine oils, automotive lubricants such as hydraulic oil and industrial chemicals.  

Hydraulic oil as sold by Synforce lubricants, is the medium by which power is transferred in hydraulic machinery. Examples of equipment that use hydraulic oil include, excavators and tractors however hydraulic oil is also used in almost all industrial machinery.  

The primary function of hydraulic oil is to convey power. In use, however there are other important functions of hydraulic oil, including protection of the hydraulic machine components. Other functions of hydraulic oil include, heat transfer, lubrication and pump efficiency.  

A large range of professionally developed, independently tested and proven products including hydraulic oils are available to purchase from Synforce Lubricants. 

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