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Axial selective herbicide available from Syngenta

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Axial, available from Syngenta , is a selective herbicide. Australian trial results show that Axial can be tank mixed with a range of key broadleaf herbicides.

Biological compatibility:
The following products have been tested and have been shown to be biologically compatible with Axial:

The following products were biologically compatible with Axial:

  • Eclipse
  • Jaguar (Caution may cause temporary chlorsis)
  • Lontrel
  • Paragon (Caution may cause temporary chlorsis)
  • Starane

The products listed below were Compatible with some loss in grass efficacy:

  • Ally
  • Ally + MCPA LVE
  • Broadstrike
  • Hotshot
  • Tigrex (Caution may cause temporary chlorsis)
  • Tordon (Use tank mix only when controlling Phalaris Spp)
  • Torpedo

Dicamba and 2,4-D have been shown to be not compatible with Axial.

Important notes:

  • For the control of Annual Ryegrass 300mL/ha of Axial must be used when mixing with a broadleaf herbicide
  • Tank mixing Axial with herbicides containing dicamba or 2,4-D is not recommended
  • Axial must be applied in combination with Adigor for all tank mixes
  • Variations in water quality, product formulations, environmental conditions, and water volumes can all affect the compatibility of any tank mix. Therefore it is recommended that a preliminary compatibility test (jar test) be carried out prior to the use of any tank mix with Axial.
  • Please refer to the label of the product being tank mixed for rates and constraints.

Physical compatibility:
The following products have been tested and have been shown to be physically compatible with Axial:

  • Amistar Xtra
  • Innova alpha-cypermethrin
  • Innova clopyralid
  • Innova diflufenican
  • Innova metsulfuron-methyl
  • Karate with Zeon Technology
  • Supracide 400 EC
  • Tilt
  • Tilt Xtra
  • Brodal
  • Bulldock Duo
  • Decis options
  • Dimethoate
  • Folicur
  • Glean
  • LeMat
  • Phosyn Bortrac
  • Phosyn Coptrel 500
  • Phosyn Mantrac 500
  • Phosyn Stopit
  • Phosyn Stopit N
  • Phosyn Zintrac FL
  • Sniper
  • Talstar 100 EC

Axial applied on its own has good crop safety on wheat and barley from 2 leaf to flag leaf emergence.

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