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Control Rats and Mice in the Home with Talon from Syngenta

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Rodents as Pests

Rodent infestations in homes can be distressing and alarming. Noises in the night, droppings and urine trails, contamination of food and property, damage from feeding, nesting and gnawing are all disturbing and potentially damaging to the health and security of you and your family.

Three common rodent types seek to live with people – the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mouse. These rodents and their parasites carry many diseases effecting humans, including salmonella food poisoning, leptospirosis and typhus.

In fact, rodents are known to harbour more than 60 different diseases that can be transmitted to people. The ways in which these diseases are transmitted varies, but commonly involves contamination of food and water. Ensuring good household hygiene is important to reduce the chance of acquiring rodent-borne diseases. Rodent droppings and waste has also been shown to cause allergies and asthma.

Rodents have sharp incisor teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives. Rodents therefore gnaw constantly on a range of surfaces including building structural and cladding materials. They can also readily gnaw through plastic insulation of electrical wire and potentially cause electrical fires that can destroy your home.

Why use a Professional Pest Manager?

Effective rodent control is not easy and the use of a professional pest manager is often warranted in order to provide lasting control of rodents in your home. Pest control companies employ licensed professionals who manage household pests every day. They understand rodent problems, know what to look for, and have the tools at their disposal to implement the most cost-effective treatment solutions whilst also understanding your concerns and those of your family. Professional pest managers, such as members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Associations (AEPMA), can be relied upon to provide competent rodent control services.

A professional pest manager will thoroughly inspect your premises and surroundings, identify the source and extent of the rodent infestation and formulate a detailed rodent management strategy. They will recommend the most appropriate treatment to selectively remove the pests and keep the premises pest-free. This might involve use of monitoring techniques, recommendations for improving sanitation and hygiene around the premises and implementation of exclusion and/or baiting strategies as appropriate.

Baiting Rats and Mice

The use of rodenticide baits, such as Syngenta Talon Pellets and Wax Blocks, are often necessary to effectively eliminate rodent problems. Rodenticide bait placements must be carefully made according to product label directions for use, which generally direct placements to be made in either inaccessible locations or in tamper-resistant bait stations. Your professional pest manager will place baits according to the target rodent type and to best ensure bait consumption - whilst maintaining your safety and that of your family and pets.

The importance of good hygiene, harbourage reduction and rodent exclusion on pest rodent populations in

and around structures should not be under estimated.

Rodenticide use without concurrent environmental improvements will have little long-lasting effect.

Talon – The Choice of the Professionals

Talon from Syngenta is the most potent and cost effective rodenticide available. So it’s not surprising that Talon continues to be the number one choice of Australian professional pest managers. Talon formulations from Syngenta are based on the active ingredient brodifacoum, an anticoagulant compound that was specifically developed for more effective control of rats and mice. The potency of Talon is such that rats and mice can take a lethal dose at only one feed. The quantity of Talon needed to control rodent infestations is therefore minimized.

Talon Rodenticide formulations contain Bitrex a powerful human taste deterrent. Added to Talon, Bitrex safeguards your family from accidental poisoning. It is important to note that modern rodenticides have a delayed effect. Following bait consumption rodents may take up to 7-10 days to die. This is necessary to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the bait - as quicker results may result in a rodent population developing an aversion to the bait.

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