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Durivo crop management system from Syngenta

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A new crop management system is set to change the way vegetables are grown in Australia.

Called Durivo, this unique soil-applied insecticide provides long-lasting protection against an army of grubs, aphids, thrips and other pests in early season vegetable crops.

Its manufacturer, Syngenta , says a single treatment will protect young plants for up to 40 days, eliminating the need for up to eight conventional foliar or leaf sprays.

Besides its excellent insecticidal properties, Durivo crop management system produces a visible vigour effect in young plants, allowing them to express their full genetic potential.

And best of all, it is applied in miniscule amounts at or before planting, minimising the risk of exposure for non-target species, works and the environment.

Syngenta’s vegetable manager, Sean Richardson, says Durivo crop management system represents a major step-change in crop protection.

“Every vegetable grower wants crops that grow better, look healthier and produce more consistent marketable yields – and ideally, with less work and fewer chemicals,” he says.

“Durivo makes all of these goals a reality.

“It is the only product that protects against chewing and sucking pests in a single treatment for up to 40 days.”

Durivo crop management system is registered for the control of key Lepidoptera, chewing and sucking pests in brassicas, fruiting vegetables and leafy vegetables.

“The two active ingredients are taken up by the roots of seedlings and are then translocated upwards throughout the plant,” Richardson says.

“Sucking and chewing pests then ingest the active ingredients during their normal feeding behaviour.

“Affected insects become paralysed and cease feeding within hours and then die within a day or two."

The active ingredients also produce a well-documented vigour effect, with treated plants having noticeably more foliage and enhanced root systems.

Durivo crop management system can be applied as a seedling tray drench in the nursery or as a planting hole treatment in the field immediately before or after transplanting.

Durivo crop management system is backed by a comprehensive product stewardship program and a unique commercial model that addresses all levels of the value chain, including growers, advisors, distributors and young plant raisers.

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