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New herbicide redeems resistance

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Grain growers, Jim and Mick Flockart, are over the moon after a new pre-emergent herbicide virtually wiped out herbicide-resistant Annual Ryegrass in a paddock that had been considered almost beyond redemption.

The father and son team, together with their wives, Bev and Linda, grow 2600 hectares of wheat, barley, triticale, oats and lupins at “Bringa”, near Merredin in Western Australia’s central wheat belt.

They conduct a minimum till farming enterprise, sowing with a 13.4 metre Flexi-Coil 820 air seeder and spraying with a 32 metre Beverley Hydra Boom.

About 800 Merino sheep also run on the gently undulating property, which has heavy clay to light sandy soils and an average annual rainfall of 325mm.

The son of a farmer who bought “Bringa” in 1927 after working for the renowned pastoralist, Sir Sidney Kidman, Jim was born in Merredin and grew up on the farm.

Over the years he has seen an influx of weeds, including Annual Ryegrass – which Jim notes was planted by his father as pasture – and more recently, Brome Grass and Wild Radish.

After discussing their options with their agronomists and consultants, Jim and Mick elected to try a new pre-emergent herbicide, Boxer Gold, last season.

Developed by leading crop protection company, Syngenta , Boxer Gold is a Group J/K herbicide that provides a much-needed alternative mode of action and greater flexibility than other pre-emergent herbicides.

It is specifically registered for the control of Annual Ryegrass and Toadrush in wheat and barley, although preliminary trial work has shown activity against several other major grass and broadleaf weed species.

Unlike trifluralin, it has a seven day incorporation window, has good crop safety in both wheat and barley, has no plant-back restrictions to crops sown the following season and can be used in either full disturbance or minimum tillage seeding systems.

The Flockarts used Boxer Gold in 150ha of barley and wheat sown into paddocks infested with Annual Ryegrass, Brome Grass and Wild Oats.

Boxer Gold was applied in mid May at 2.5L/ha in a tank-mix with Roundup PowerMAX at 1.1L/ha and Logran at 33g/ha in 50L/ha of water. Metribuzin at 125g/ha was also added in the barley paddock.

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